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Equity commitment

The preferred form being the purchase of a majority stake and close
cooperation with local management.


Debt financing

We have extensive experience in obtaining debt financing for various sorts of investments. The multitude of projects we have implemented and our ongoing relations allow us to negotiate much better terms and conditions than those available on the market.


Strategic advisory services

Thanks to the analyses of our business consulting experts, we are able to identify potential avenues of growth and value generation in the analysed company, with reference to the current business, tax, and legal environment.



Audit of processes

Our expertise allows us to identify bottlenecks and suggest solutions and improvements. 



Operational management

With our extensive managerial experience in various business sectors, and a broad network of contacts, we are able to support local management with specialists in various fields to make it more likely that our mutual cooperation generates added value.



Back office services

We have access to top-class specialists in accounting, controlling, finance, management, administration, and IT. This can be a real support to your business along with the transfer of best practices to improve your operations.